Ships and hydrofoils to Panarea in the Aeolian Islands

Information and advice before buying tickets for ships and hydrofoils to get to Panarea

  1. in Panarea (and in the Aeolian Islands in general) it is NOT possible to arrive by car / motorbike because they are forbidden to non-residents.
  2. in Panarea (and in the Aeolian Islands) there are, fortunately, no airports. You have to arrive by sea. The nearest airports are Catania, Reggio Calabria and Palermo and Naples if you want to take the ship from this city.
  3. free camping is forbidden and there are NO equipped campsites
  4. the best times are May-June and September-October. In July and August you risk finding the island a bit crowded (but if you like …)
  5. don’t get caught up in the desire to see all the islands. You risk not fully enjoying the beauties of Panarea and also because the connections with the islands are often disturbed by the very changing weather and sea conditions and you risk an unexpected stay (and maybe just in a bathing suit) on another island.
  6. having said that, to get to Panarea you can buy your ship or hydrofoil ticket below. Departures are from Milazzo or Naples. Less frequent from Catania or Reggio Calabria.

Ships and hydrofoils to get to Panarea: how to buy tickets.

Panarea is an island and therefore can only be reached from the sea, by ship or hydrofoil. The main ports of departure are Naples, Milazzo and Reggio Calabria.
Through the form ** below you can get your tickets for Panarea and all the other Aeolian Islands.

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Ships and hydrofoils to get to Panarea

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